Food waste news in 2018

There is something new going on in the food waste problematic and I am convinced that you should know about it. Tatadadáááá (cheerful music), supermarkets have to donate their extra food to the food banks!

What does it mean?

The stores bigger than 400 m2 have to donate food which is still edible but not possible to sell to the food banks. Lately the food can be distributed to the people in need and the circle is closed. No waste = no hunger.

Waite, is it really going to work so nicely without any troubles and without any waste? Maybe… the number of supermarkets which is belonging to the area of one food bank is huge. It is so large that the food banks collect donated food through their own funds are not capable to do it. That is pretty sad… moreover, the food bank staff have to go trough all the food and record it. Additionally, with increasing amount of donated food is also growing danger of food wasted by the food banks themselves.

What if there is altogether wasted so much food that whoever in need or with short budget doesn’t have to buy any food… Does it sound crazy? No, there is more truth behind this statement than it looks like.

  • 30% of the food is globally wasted.
  • Most of the food waste comes from rich countries (that counts also for The Czech Republic).
  • The food wasted in North America and Europe together would feed all the hungry people in the world three times.

Clearly, there is so much food wasted in Europe that people in need could have even troubles to eat it. The food waste doesn’t count only for the supermarkets, it concludes also producers, transport, processing, restaurants and above all households.

I cannot wait what will happened lately and if donations will work.

Stay in touch!


Are my talks really extreme?

“That was too extreme!”  “I would never eat expired food!” I have heard this after one of my last talks at Budějovický Majáles. I am actually one of those people who takes it to the hearth and get upset about it.18671172_10154442332892536_9084757286131762677_n

I know that my talks are strong because I give into them everything, I like to compare them with a theatre play with only one role. In my opinion is a good talk more than just a “speech”… There is no one who would tell me what to say, I can speak about dumpster diving, I can say that wasting meat is much worst than wasting bread. Of course that I want to have some feedback, you may argue that “extreme” is also a feedback, yeah it is but it is not a valuable one. Or is it?

If my talk would be really extreme, I am sure I could make people cry… I don’t think that it is so aggressive I just assume that I talk about stuff which is for many people not pleasant. They want to hear that food waste is a big problem but on the other hand they want to hear that the main and only responsible site are producers, supermarkets and so on. People don’t want to listen that everyone is responsible for what is going on and everyone could help to change it. Even worst is for people to hear the truth about meat and dairy which is closely related to food waste. Maybe even less pleasant is information about sea food (about 1/2 of fish are dead thrown back into sea and to get one kilo of sea fish you are responsible for killing 16 kg of sea creatures).

Maybe it just has to be this way…

“You love it/ You hate it”


How we almost lost our public fridge

Has the hygiene institute right to close Czech public fridges?

We have almost lost our public fridge in Budweis and probably all the others would follow us lately. That didn’t luckily happen and the public fridges have a bright future in front of them.
The hygiene institute has found the public fridge in Budweis and since than they are trying to find a way how to fit it into broad hygienic rules. The problem is that it is special, it is so special that they didn’t know what to do…
The problem is hygienic standard in the Czech Republic. When you sell food, you are responsible for the quality. When you give people food for free you are also responsible for it. Finally even when you have a public fridge with sign, that it is on one’s own responsibility, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. 
“Why shouldn’t the founder be responsible for his/her fridge?”
1) Because it is against the “public fridge philosophy”.
2) Because there is nobody who knows about every single item and where does it come from.
3) Because the founder cannot ensure anybody that the food is 100% ok, I am sorry we would love to but there is no way how to do it.
I had a meeting with too people from hygiene institute about the issue “there is nobody responsible for the public fridge and we have to find a solution”. They were even ready to give me an agreement that I will be responsible for your diarrhea – NO, I couldn’t! Moreover, I would never sign anything like that! I am not crazy.
We have argued about it probably 1,5 hours. There was no way how to find a compromise. They didn’t want us to cancel our Facebook page (Here!), they were not ok with renaming the public fridge to the public container. They just wanted someone who would be responsible for it. There was no one…
We were so close to losing our public fridge… They made a final call and got a solution! Somehow it was possible, the public fridge will stay as it is and there is nobody responsible for it! (If you ask me…it wasn’t an accident that they didn’t know about it before… just a disgusting security practice – to let ME fall into troubles. )
Celebrate this big / small victory with coming to our public fridge
(Nová 3, České Budějovice, Czech Republic).
See you there!

Benefit concert for Food Not Bombs ČB

We feed around 20 people ones a week. The food comes from dumpster, local Food bank and other donors. Even if we try to do our best in using food for free, we still need ones a time to buy spices, oil, flour, sugar, salt… Just the basic, you wouldn’t find in our kitchen any meat and we don’t buy any milk products or eggs.

Benefit concert is a way how to rise awareness and show people what we do and collect money for the most needed items. We had our concert a week ago and it was a great night full of music and food.

We had even prepared T-shirts with our own printed design which was made by Jane Jay as well as the picture on our poster. The T-shirts are very special because Jane and Hanka and Kuba made them at home and used second-hand T-shirts. You can still buy them by us, just contact us via Facebook.

We have invited for the concert Potmě, Tosiro and 0100. The last group 0100 didn’t even want any money for transport to Budweis. We are very grateful to all of them for they time and help to rise money for Food not Bombs. The final sum was 3200 Kc, which is enough for us at least for one or two years.

The leftovers were used for Saturday’s food distributing.

No waste as it should be. Thanks for your support ♥


Why did I cut my hair?

When my hair have grown to the point of “ok, great, I don’t want to have longer hair” I made a decision to grow them even longer. I wanted to let them grow to the point, when they would be worth of donation. I wanted to do something for people suffering with cancer and other diseases. The “I-have-to-do-it” point was for me when I found the picture of 8-year-old boy (below) who has been bullied cause of his long hair which he has been growing for 2 years to donate them. Here is the story.

I thought that this is something worth it and I actually should do it.

So I did. 


I have donated them and they will be used for a wig which will be donated to someone who need it.

Maybe, I will need one in the future also.


Night out in Czech Budweis

Just go out and try to sleep like the homeless.

“Night out” is an annually even of awareness-raising homelessness and it’s hard way of surviving in any kind of weather outside.  It was hold this year from 24.11 to 25.11.2016 . You may know Night out from The USA and maybe also elsewhere else. The Czech one occur on a different day (in The USA  – on first Tuesday of August and for Texas and Florida on the first Tuesday in October  because of hot weather).

I went to such an even for the first time, I mean I don’t care about sleeping outside cause I did it many times but this supposed to be something else. It wasn’t just about me, I come with other people from Food Not Bombs České Budějovice and we provide free food  15 liters of hot cacao partly donated from Food bank (Potravinová banka Jihočeského kraje). That wasn’t our only contribution I had also a talk about food waste.

I would like to say that everything get smooth and there were no problems…BUT!

We found out that the organizers (charity) didn’t want to let homeless people in or they told them inside “take some food and go out”.  We thought that it was inappropriate and that they argument, that they didn’t donate non-perishable food in value of 50 Czech crowns,  was a pretty stupid reason. I got angry  and I didn’t care anymore about how my talk will succeed. The Food bank coordinator offered to pay in food for every single homeless person. That was really nice gesture and I am happy for that. In the end we were forced to take our responsibility of he homeless people (otherwise they wouldn’t let them in and we think that we cannot close in front of a part of society). By the way…there were any problems with the homeless.


Finally, I got to the point of my 20 minutes talk, I got a microphone and my presentation. I was so careless and fearless I just knew that we stand up for the homeless and that made the moment. It was probably my best presentation ever…:).

We stayed there with my boyfriend over night (it wasn’t  actually big deal, with a great sleeping backs as we had) as one-third of the people. They kept a big tent in the park where the event occurred so it was pretty comfortable.

I am sorry to say that the organizers didn’t respond to our negative feed back even later…

Thanks Kuba for his pretty photos!







National food collection day

I was thinking about this project very hard, should I go there or is it against my conviction? I am speaking about nothing else than a food collection in a big scale.  This one is every year in  whole Czech Republic and help food banks to get food from common people. Food banks give all the donations away to the people in need as homeless, children’s homes and shelters.

That sounds pretty cool. The problem is that the food collection centers are in supermarkets. It is nice of people when they donate some food to people in need on the other hand, for the supermarkets is also nice that the people shop extra stuff there. For me is the biggest problem that this way is made bigger demand for food which is usually not wanted. I just think that supermarkets wouldn’t be so kind to let the collection happened there if it wouldn’t be good for them.

And my decision?

Was YES! I wanted to see it and maybe find out how bad/good is this kind of collection. The strongest argument for going there was that supermarkets could be more open-minded to donate regularly food near to expiration date to the food banks when they participate at the food collection day.

Totally 12 211 kg of collected food from 20 supermarkets!

That is the point!

I just want supermarkets to donate food which would be otherwise wasted.  

I was there for few hours, it was fine but pretty exhausting. That doesn’t matter for me, I feel like I did something good for others and even get know the head of Food bank of South Bohemia . The best thing for me and the stuff that matter for me was that I started to cooperate with the Food bank and that is pretty awesome. For example tomorrow, there is an event “Night outside” to support homeless people. We will be there with Food Not Bombs České Budějovice and some of our food will be from the South Bohemia Food bank. I will have a talk there, keep your fingers crossed!